Agency or sole DJ?

Sole Operator vs Multi Operator.

Sole Operator
Let me introduce myself, My name is Brett Butler, I am a professional Wedding DJ based in Brighton, East Sussex. I class myself as a sole operator, and I believe in providing my clients with a personal service second to none. I am the DJ that will spend the time with my clients from start to finish. I make sure every question has been asked, and every question answered.

Q: But what if you are ill on the day of our Wedding reception? Surely a multi-op has a lot of DJ’s on their books that can cover us.
A: On the very rare event that I may be ill on your big day, I am a committee member of SEDA(The South Eastern Discotheque Association) and with over 200 members I have a lot of professionals I can turn to.

A multi Operator has a variety of DJ’s on their books. If you book a multi operator it is hard to say if you will get to meet your DJ until they turn up to your wedding reception.